March of the Green Technology


Technology was defined in a number of manners. The easiest is the understanding of utilizing methods and tools to enhance the working state, artistic standpoint and organizational direction to be able to enhance the efficacy of merchandise, machine or human attempts. The simple man is well known for sensible utilization of rock to convert it into shelter and weapon houses. Using animal skin and bark of trees for covering body was a measure towards material technology. Technology to restrain the fire’s understanding drastically altered the status of mankind receiving heat in a chilly climate and learning to add new items in his food menu. The wheel has brought us into the space to the current state of international conveyance Flinging of leg bones after space odyssey inspired. Information technology spear headed by web has its source to printing presses and more lately in smoke signals. Now we’ve got info, medical, visual, micro, nano, educational, industrial, and domestic technology to name some.

World not singularly applies Technology to provide impetus to his goals. Birds and the creatures have also shone in carving out technical wonders sometimes better than us and similar. The nest of the weaving fowl, signs from dolphins, breakage of coconut shells by monkeys, domestic technology of ants, technology of descent from a critical incline by elephants, migration of birds to areas similar to their need and demands, waiting for atmosphere to eventually become hot before taking to a flight by kites and other hefty size fowl and dropping of rock pallets to boost the water level in a narrow necked pitcher by crows are some to refresh the recollection. Look towards the sky in the evening. You’ll find ducks flying in V formation that is inverted, giving others the edge of vacuum and stream line movement.

A difference is in the way the primates of yester years acted, how birds and creatures around us make practical use of the technology and we’re utilizing it. The difference is great. Their attempts are constantly in enhancing their living state harmonious to the surroundings and were. Our attempts are diversified in a variety of manners. Some are great, some are not good and some are not beautiful. Recently, together with the beginning of industrial revolution, we’ve largely added to pollution load of developed weapons of mass destruction or the surroundings. Technology which used to enhance machine efficiency has concentrated its focus to human efficiency. We call it productivity. We feign to use it as outsourcing. Green technology had no alternative except to introduce it and take responsibility for the complete state of affairs made by the world.