PMJ International

PMJ international have over 30 years of experience. At PMJ we mainly deals with supplying both genuine and manufactured spares of compressors and vacuums from most of the leading manufacturers all over the world.

our stock includes manufactured to fit parts of most rotary screws, rotary vane and piston compressors as well as a many types of compressors, vacuum lubricants, in filter elements, condensate service kits, and electronic drains which are all ready to be delivered to all our customers whenever they need them.


All our goods, for example manufactured hydro vane parts are fully tested before delivery. We also ensure that all our products are accompanied with a warranty scheme. Products like air and oil filters, maintenance and separator sets can be supplied individually and we always issue our customers with a certificate to assure them that we always adhere to international standards and guidelines

Quality is our number one concern. All our maintenance, separator and top up sets are of the same quality as the original equipment’s. Our stock also comprises of individual part such as air coolers, oil coolers, and solenoid valves all ready to be delivered.

Our customer service is very excellent and efficient. We can assure you for free that if you have any problem with compressor parts and vacuum pump spares we are ready to offer you a lasting solution by supplying you with long lasting and high quality products. Our prices are customer friendly, you can be guaranteed to save some money if you buy anything from PMJ.

Our highly trained experts are always available for technical support and advice to our clients whenever they need if you need any assistance just contact us and we will assist you immediately.

At PMJ we supply spare part and lubricants for all brands of vacuum parts. All our products are 100% genuine from leading world manufactures.