Gubagoo: Your answer for automotive chat applications

Are you looking for a solution that engages visitors on your website and increase conversion rate exponentially? Well your search ends here with Gubagoo mobile automotive chat. GUBA stands for Good,ugly, bad and awesome and provides you with an excellent tool to profile the behaviour of your website traffic and puts an identity to the otherwise nameless mass.

Gubagoo employs cutting edge behaviour pattern analysis to engage your site visitors through a variety of options like Chatsmart, Sharenow and Publisher+.Chatsmart is a brilliant automotive chat service developed by the company. The interface itself is clutter free and easy to use and promises outstanding results in terms of conversion rates. It sends the visitor live chat requests after analysing the frequency of clicks, and variations in the click patterns. It is possible to identify their interests and engage them in real time with offers and services best suited for their purpose. After analysing traffic pattern, suggestions can also be sent to the visitors through Sharenow to share offers and promotions with their friends and social network. This gives your site an increased audience and an opportunity to majorly boost the conversion percentage. After all, increased visibility means an increased customer base.


24 x 7 live chat software assistance is also provided by gubagoo. Inventory + is another innovative service that integrates your offers smartly with a network of offers in places like the craigslist. In fact the company has made it its vision to target highest conversion rates possible for its clients. Statistics show a string of happy customers who swear by gubagoo’s services and testify to the fact that the latter has contributed significantly to their business.

Thus if you want to convert that anonymous website traffic to loyal customers today, then sign up for gubagoo mobile automotive chat services. We promise you that you will not be disappointed.