Get To Know About Skype Resolvers

Skype Resolvers

Skype is a very important application that is used by many people in the recent times in order to maintain their contacts in a proper manner even if they are offshore. Skype resolver is a tool that is used in order to identify the IP address of the system from which the Skype is used. This will be providing the latest IP address whenever it is asked. The particular tool will be using the vulnerability of Skype in order to get the work done. In this tool, a third person will be able to access the IP address even without the permission of the Skype user if the right user id is known.

A very important point that cannot be ignored here is it is very risky if the IP address is got by some criminals or hackers. So proper security measured have to be taken in order to avoid unnecessary issues. Usually, when the IP address is known, DDOS will be done due to which the entire internet service will be affected. Stressers and booters will be used in this work. There are some ways that will be very handy in order to complete the work without much stress. Using Skype beta is a very good option to make as this will resolve the problem in a better way.

While upgrading, the Skype version 6.5 or above the advanced connection in the options tag should be changed according to the necessity. This will not be a very tough job to do. It is also necessary to check the contact list and remove the unknown or suspicious people who are included in the list. This is mainly because only the friends will only know the exact user ids and that can be used for illegal activities online. When the security features are maintained, the unnecessary troubles can be avoided.