Google Fax: How fax using the Gmail Account?


Do you know you can fax using your Gmail account? Yes! There are several internet fax service providers, and they will help you connect your Gmail account and virtual fax number to receive and send the fax. Google does not directly provide the service. You are going to use the Google’s email service for faxing, and you have to contact a private internet fax service provider for sending the fax with the Gmail account. The Google Fax is the best and advanced method of sending the fax. It has replaced the use of traditional fax machine and fax methodology. The internet fax service provider will connect with Microsoft applications and webmail accounts such as Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, etc.

For example, if you have a Gmail account and wish to send the fax to your friend located in another country, then you can simply contact the internet fax service provider. They will explain the packages and benefits of each package. If you are a regular fax user, then you have to choose a package that has maximum benefits and features. The internet fax service provider will give you a virtual number. Now, you can easily send and receive the fax using your Gmail account.

If you think you want to take a print out of the documents, then you can use your printer to take the print out of the fax you have received. It is your option. You can either save the document or take the print out as per your convenience. The Google Fax service helps to save ink and paper expenses. Moreover, you do not have to waste your hard earned money by purchasing a fax machine. When you fax using the fax machine, you have to install the fax machine, set up telephone connections and connect wires and lines as per the machine. It is totally a long process. But when you send through Google Fax, you can send the fax in a few minutes. It is almost similar to sending emails.