Fifty Years of Technology Gone?


Technology has come quite a distance in the previous fifty years. So if I told you something about all the amazing technology in the previous fifty years I really could go on forever!

But rather lets only focus on a few of the truly amazing technology we have loved for the previous fifty years, but has sadly vanished considerably too soon because of the replacing of newer technology.

Let us start back into the 1970’s, and around the late 1960’s with the development of a straightforward eight track cassette that was for listening to music in the time the new technology. To be able to listen to the 8 Track Cassette you only had to have an 8 Track Player, and you were all set to love some music, when you did.

Now personally I am not young enough to have existed during that amazing period to have found the autumn of the 8 Track player, as well as the success. Can you think that I really have some of my old 8 Tracks from back at that point, but I am unable to play them due to no longer having an 8 Track Player to really play with them on.

But besides 8 Tracks there were additionally the 4 Track Cassettes which at the time was really developed just prior to the 8 Track, but had a brief life mainly because it’d merely two tracks, meaning that when you really needed to listen to another tune you’d need to press a button in the player to alter the course. But with the 8 Track you really had four tracks that gave a better choice of tunes to pick from which was a lot more popular with folks who purchased them to you.

Cassettes were on the marketplace additionally for listening to music, but these cassettes were considerably more streamlined in relation to the 8 Track Cassettes were as time carried on considerably smaller. So now we’d both the 8 Track Cassettes in addition to the streamlined smaller Cassettes to appreciate listening to music, but as time continued on before you can say “8 Track Cassettes” they we are gone! Leaving just the smaller Cassettes to us and to love.

So the sole other structure was the typical Picture Record Player, which had been around for a long time. But as time the Cassettes were no longer available also. So now you’d no longer need to worry about coming from the cartridges with either the 8 Tracks or tapes breakage or the Cassettes equally, so both Cassettes are gone. The Photograph Record Player to enjoy listening to music might only be until the following large technology came along, and so what and when would that be? While we had it