Shoes For Pronation And Supination


The foot faces some type of natural movement of rolling when running or walking. This rolling movement is of two types one is supination or underpronation, and another is pronation or overpronation.
Here, the conditions of Underpronation and supination explained to help you understand the normal landing problems that cause underpronation and supination. In pronation or underpronation, when landing, most of the weight into your foot inside and the ankles pointed out or your foot rolls inside. If you have excessive pronation than the actual pronation, then it will cause injury to your foot. In this type, the foot arch flattens and extends the muscles and tendons the bottom of the foot.
The supination is just the opposite of the pronation in this foot type. When landing, there will be an outward roll of your foot and your ankles point in. It causes the sprain your ankles or rupture of the ligaments.
typesThe problems caused by these two types of pronation are heel pain, flat feet, ankle sprains, back pain, hip pain, shin splints, knee pain and Achilles tendinitis. You can check with the running gait analysis and buy the recommended shoes for your foot that is best suitable for you. On picking the right shoe for your foot, you will avoid the pronation or the supination problems. In extensive cases, you can have orthotic inserts to prevent these problems.

You need not think meeting the running gait for analysis is a waste of your money. Instead of using the wrong shoes and spending money on treating various health disorders and suffering from the pain, it is better to buy the right shoe for your foot by consulting with the running gait analysis.

When buying the shoes, you try it by wearing the socks you normally use for running. You should not buy the shoes that are very tight fit because it will tear soon. You best purchase the shoe at the end of the day because you foot will be swollen after the completion of your regular work at the latter part of the day.