The Easiest Tool To Convert MP4 To AVI File

Convert MP4 To AVI File

The options that pop-up, when a search for mp4 to avi converter is done, are innumerable., one of the leading global digital tech magazines, throws some articles for the same search. After all, AVI is the most popular file extension in today’s age. It is easier to use than mp4 because no extra software or codecs are needed to play .avi files. The bad news is that most videos that we see online or purchase are in the .mp4 format. This makes it essential to have a tool to convert them.

The good news is that FreeMake is one of the best video converter tools available to any user. At present, more than ninety million people have used it. The reasons for it are threefold:
1. The tool has no pesky ads popping up while the video is being converted. Adverts have become the number one irritant to users. A software or app that does away with them is an instant hit.
2. To convert any file one does not require detailed knowledge. A user need not be a computer specialist to use the tool. This makes the video converter user-friendly and easy to use.
3. The video converter also offers different outputs compatible with various devices. These ready-made versions make it easier to change a video, which can then be played on a Smartphone or a laptop. It also has preset profiles that work for different game consoles.

One of the hidden qualities of the tool is that it cannot only convert mp4 files to AVI but also images, audios and videos from DVDs or Blu -Ray. The software can also be used to burn a video to a DVD. This makes it a multipurpose tool. AVI extensions may be the most used, but at times the need is for a different file format. The video converter even takes care of that problem. It gives the user the option to choose from various file formats like – mpg, mp4, AVI, and WMV.

The process to convert a file using the software is simple. Select the video you want to change into .avi file or a different output format if that is your requirement. After this, the tool may prompt the user to choose the quality setting to make sure that the best output is obtained. Most of these parameters come with presets to ensure that even a layperson can change formats easily. For the more experienced user, the settings can be changed manually too.

The converter can also be used to make minor edits in the video with the cutting tool. This saves users the time to look for one more software to edit a video before converting it. The only small drawback of the tool is the branded splash it adds at the beginning of every video that is turned. But, a tiny logo is a small price to pay for free video converter software that preserves the quality. Now, if they re-introduce the YouTube conversion tool to the software, it would become unbeatable.

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